Join us on our mission as we build the first MoonMars Museum.

Be an early adopter in our community of space enthusiasts. Apply now before these 1969 Genesis NFTs vanish into a black hole.

Seats are limited and one lucky person will win the chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to space.


Genesis NFT

Coming soon

The goal of MoonMars is to support and celebrate artists and innovation on Earth and in Space.


What is MoonMars?

MoonMars is being created from an idea that first originated back in 2008 by Bernard Foing, a scientist preparing petri dishes to send samples into space. The MoonMars Museum will contain several individual art installations (or exhibitions) that we will bring to the moon over time and will be funded with a series of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The MoonMuseum will contain collections from well known artists. We are looking forward to building a community of space aficionados with interests in art, astro photography, science, education, sci-fi and technology. The MMM will be a unique community like no other, forging new frontiers and bridging the best of today with the society of the future. Please join our discord, or follow us on our social media, to learn more about our four pillars - art, astrophotography, education and science fiction as well as how you can make your permanent mark on the moon.

What will the MoonMars Community entail?

MoonMars is building an international community through the collaboration of artists, astrophotographers, scientists, and educators who dream of creating out of this world experiences.

To realize our common goals, we are utilizing the blockchain to fund art galleries and museums headed to new frontiers beyond our planet.

MoonMars will be a community like no other, offering real life space experiences and much more.

How many mints will there be?

There are 3 mints planned for 2022.


Mint 1 - OG Tokens (1969 available) – 1 Ethereum

Become an OG token holder and an investor in the NFT project of a lifetime.

Apply here


Lifetime value of the token will include:
  • Chance to win a space flight
  • Chance to have your initials on the MoonMuseum
  • Chance to win Flight Simulator Experience
  • Pre-board access to future generative mints
  • Free minting of the second and third tokens* with associated benefits included
  • Access to opportunities for launch parties and special events
  • Space and cryptocurrency education

*gas excluded


Early Bird opportunity for 1 ETH

Secure ‘confirmed onboard’ status by purchasing MoonMars Tokens, available soon.

Apply here


First 100 tokens will receive a high quality 18kt gold replica of the OG token.


Mint 2 - Coming soon



How can I contact the team with questions?

Please ask any questions in the Support Ticket channel on the discord under Mission Control Center or via our social media channels listed on our website.


Phase 1

New Moon

  • MoonMars Museum Introduction
  • Launch the MoonMars Museum Mission
  • Artist curation for PFP Project
  • Reveal OG Token
  • Beginner NFT/crypto education
Phase 2

Waxing Crescent Moon

  • Begin minting
  • Introduction of artists
  • Collaborations
  • Press releases / media
  • AMAs, lives & interviews
  • Continued education
Phase 3

First Quarter Moon

  • Pre-Boarding event - PFP
  • MoonMars Museum curation
  • Digital wearables
  • MetaVerse build out
  • Astronaut meet & greet
  • Advanced education
  • Prepare for launch to the moon
Phase 4

Waxing Gibbous Moon

  • Official opening of the MoonMars Museum on the first moonlander
  • Pre-Boarding event - 3rd Mint
Phase 5

Full Moon

  • Pre-Boarding event - art collections
Phase 6

Waning Gibbous Moon

  • Start development of MoonMars Game
  • Begin development upcoming projects for 2023
Phase 7

Last Quarter Moon

  • First MoonMars Community member trip to space
  • MetaVerse Gallery
  • Prepare for second moon mission
Phase 8

Waning Crescent Moon

  • MoonMars Museum
Graphical representation of the moon